4 Step Guide

Your Guide to Dial-A-Ride

1) Let us know your needs

Call to talk with our Mobility Specialists

To get started call:

  • 249-0128 Montrose County & Norwood
  • 874-7334  Delta County
2) Plan your trip
  • Make sure you have no more than 3 stops on the same day
  • Plan to travel between 6am and 4pm, Monday through Friday and NOT on the last Friday of the month
  • Remember that APT is NOT a taxi service.  This means you hay have to share your ride with other passengers, ride a little longer or get to your appointment a bit early.
3) Call to schedule your ride well in advance

The more notice you give us, the better service we can provide.

  • Call at least 24 hours in advance
  • Rides in Montrose are booked up to 2 weeks ahead

When to call

  • Call between 7am and 4pm Monday through Friday
  • Calls not taken on weekends or holidays
  • Rides must be booked by 12:00pm on the previous business day (If you are scheduling for Monday, call by 12:00pm  the Friday before)

When on the phone, let us know:

  • Details of your pick up (where, when, why)
  • How long you expect to be at your stop
  • If you need to make more  than one stop (limit 3)
  • If this will be one trip or “round trip” (considered 2 trips)
  • If you have any special needs
  • If you have Medicaid (have your number ready)
  • If an aide will be traveling with you (have their name and DOB)


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