For Medical Appointments

All Points Transit wants to help you reach your medical appointment! Use the following guidelines to schedule your ride with the most ease:

  • Make sure to let the doctor’s office know that you depend on All Points Transit for your transportation.
  • Schedule your appointment between 8am and 2pm, Monday through Friday and NOT on the last Friday of the month.
  • Ask the doctor or scheduler about how long you can expect to be at your appointment and share this information with All Points when you schedule your ride.

Medical Appointments in Grand Junction

Try to schedule your medical appointment on the second or third Tuesday of the month.  Call 249-0128 to reserve your spot in the APT van as soon as possible.

If it is not possible to have your appointment on the second Tuesday of the month, call 249-0128 to discuss any other options that may be available before scheduling with the doctor.

The West End Medical Shuttle provides  transportation to Grand Junction on one Monday per month. Visit the West End Medical Shuttle page for more info or call 249-0128 to find out this month’s schedule

For Veterans

All Points Transit schedules the van service to the Grand Junction VA Medical Center and the Montrose VA Clinic.  Call ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­970-240-4698 for more information.