Why Ride the Bus?

Save Money.

Passes on the City Bus are very affordable and gas prices are back on the rise. If you live and work on route, you can get to just about anywhere you need to go in the City of Montrose using the bus! Some passengers even park their cars at the bus stop closest to their house and use the bus for transportation throughout the day. Ride the bus to save money on gas, oil changes and vehicle maintenance.


Studies continue to show that public transit is safer than driving an automobile. According to National Safety Council data, riding the bus is 170 times safer than riding in a car! As an added bonus, public transportation can reduce the number of cars on the road, meaning less traffic congestion and fewer chances for accidents.


People who use the bus as their main mode of transportation tend to be in better physical shape than those using their cars. By getting outside and walking to the closest bus stop, transit users are getting more exercise and fighting obesity. Riding on the bus is also much less stressful than driving! Stress and frustration from driving have been linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and overall decreased immune function which can lead to more colds and general illness.

Environment & Resources.

Currently, Americans use more energy for transportation than for commercial, residential or industrial use. Did you know that buses emit 80% less carbon monoxide than the average car? Switching to public transit can also have a huge impact on gasoline use. If Americans used public transportation for just 10% of their daily travel needs, the U.S. would reduce its dependence on imported oil by more than 40%.


Public transportation can be an important factor in economic development. All Points Transit has heard from multiple new residents who moved to Montrose partially because of the transportation options here. Transportation can also level the playing field for low income individuals or anyone who does not own a vehicle. Transit systems allow them to more easily find employment, get to work and, in some cases, go from being welfare recipients to wage earners. Getting out on the bus is also a great way to meet new people in your community and make new friends.